Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care involves using trauma knowledge to guide how treatment and services are delivered and how a trauma lens can be applied to promote organizational change. Our website features some information and resources about trauma informed care. The Department of Mental Health (DMH) offers support, training and consultation on trauma-related topics.

Educational Courses

Embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth with the DMH Content Hub. Take free educational courses on mindfulness and stress management; trauma-informed care and peer support; mental health management and overall wellness; and so much more. These courses are for professionals or individuals to broaden their knowledge and techniques to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Course categories include:

Trauma Informed Care

Explore the comprehensive, self-paced courses on Trauma Informed Care to gain knowledge and skills to understand, recognize, and respond to the effects of trauma. Learn about the Missouri Model for Trauma Care, Trauma Informed Care for Teens, Trauma Informed Care for Adults, Trauma Informed Care for Helping Professionals, and the Comprehensive Approach.

Disaster Services

It is vital be prepared for and know what to do during times of disaster. These types of events can be natural (tornado, drought, flood) or human caused events (mass violence and terrorism). Learn how to plan for disasters, about the phases of a disaster, how to manage mental health, stress reactions, and so much more.


Knowing how and where to find help is vital. Learn about 988, the three-digit number providing 24/7 statewide crisis support via call, text, or chat. Get educated on what 988 is, how to use it, and so much more.


Join the community of learners committed to prioritizing mental well-being and unlock the resources needed to thrive. Learn about the importance of sleep, mindfulness, time management, and resilience to begin cultivating a balanced and fulfilling life.

Trauma Information & Treatment Models

General information about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma and Treatment for infants, children, youth and adults.

Missouri Trauma Initiative

Missouri Trauma Initiative captures Missouri’s journey toward trauma informed care, highlights state-wide efforts across many executive departments and collaborative efforts to promote trauma informed communities for Missouri’s citizens.

Missouri Vicarious Trauma Improvement Plan (MOVTIP)

Eight State Departments came together to develop the Missouri Vicarious Trauma Improvement Plan (MOVTIP) for the 2023 Show Me Challenge. Due to their success in winning the Show Me Challenge, four additional State Departments joined MOVTIP in 2024. 

MOVTIP recognizes that workplace trauma is costly to the State of Missouri. It impacts quality of life which can lead to a variety of health conditions, and impacts quality of function for state departments, which influences whether they can provide quality services that Missourians expect and deserve. 

MOVTIP proposes three things for Missouri: 

  • Create a cross-departmental team.
  • Enhance current EAP services.
  • Support and expand Peer Teams.

Learn more about MOVTIP.

Disaster Response State Grant (DRSG)

The Disaster Response State Grant was funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) from 2020-2022 to serve 26 counties in Missouri that were impacted by severe storms, floods and tornados in Spring, 2019. These counties were federally declared disasters. Youth and adults impacted by these natural disasters received behavioral health services including treatment for mental illness and substance use disorders. This grant provided opportunities for outreach, education and training for individuals impacted by natural disasters. Disaster-related trauma looks different for everyone. Recovery is possible.

Learn more about the DRSG.

Missouri Trauma Roundtable Documents

DMH and its partners formed Missouri Trauma Roundtable and created several guidance documents to assist individuals and organizations with becoming trauma informed. Since 2018, Missouri Trauma Roundtable meets separate from DMH and continues to focus on advancing trauma informed care.

MO Trauma Initiative In the News

Articles highlighting various trauma-related work across the state of Missouri.

Websites & Resources

Websites and resources on trauma-related education, research, advocacy and treatment.