Missouri Buddy Check 22 Day

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Missouri Buddy Check 22 Day


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What is Missouri Buddy Check 22 Day? 

Missouri legislation was passed effective 28 AUG 2020, establishing the twenty-second day of each month as "Buddy Check 22 Day" in the state to promote education and awareness of the problems of suicide facing military personnel. ALL Missourians are encouraged to learn about how to prevent suicide and raise awareness. Together we can all help prevent suicide.

The Facts

Suicide is the


Leading cause of death



Missouri Veterans

Suicide Rate in 2020




of Missouri Veteran

suicides were by firearms

There are an estimated


attempts for every

documented suicide death



What Can I do

All Missourians are encouraged to check in on service members, veterans, and their families on the twenty-second day of each month. Having a support system and social connectedness promotes good mental health and reduces risk of suicide. A “check-in” allows veterans to know they are cared for and that help is available during a mental health crisis or in times of need.

How Do I Check-In

Whether you meet in person, call or text, reaching out is important. It lets people know they are not alone and someone cares about them. Here are

three easy steps to help you:

  1. Start the conversation: “I’ve been thinking of you, can we talk?”
  2. Be a good listener. Listen to what they say, try to understand their thoughts and feelings, and summarize what you heard back to them. This lets the person know they are being heard and understood. If they are not doing ok, ask them what is going on and what they think will help. If you are worried about their safety, call the Missouri 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (Veterans press 1)
  3. Let them know you are here for them. Make a plan to talk again soon.


Make sure to reach out to a service member, Veteran or a family member today.

Learn about Prevention

All Missourians are encouraged to learn to recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to offer help to someone in crisis. There are suicide prevention training courses available

Stay Informed

Stay informed about suicide prevention efforts and resources


Missouri Veterans Suicide Prevention Team


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Raise Awareness

When you are promoting suicide prevention messaging or hosting an event, let everyone know about it!

Use #MOBC22Day when using social media and help create a collective voice for suicide prevention in Missouri.

I Have A Question

If you have questions about Missouri’s Buddy Check 22 Day, please contact the Missouri Department of Mental Health-Veterans Services 
by emailing DMH.Veteran@dmh.mo.gov or call (573) 751-2368.