Residential Treatment Program

Philosophy of Treatment

Hawthorn’s Residential Program is a 24-bed, therapeutic, teaching community that provides highly individualized programming to residents in an effort to help youngsters develop independence, personal responsibility, and respect for themselves, others, and their community The goal is to return a child to his/her community at a level of functioning that results in successful reintegration. The average length of stay in the Residential Treatment Program is 6-9 months. Residential Program staff members strive to understand and respect the unique qualities that make each adolescent a special individual and work to help each consumer develop a wide range of skills that will assist them in meeting their goals. The Program staff act as teachers, mentors and models for consumers and each other. The program stresses the importance of an adolescent’s family and community and will strive to help the adolescent remain connected to his/her family in a positive manner. Adolescents without family support will be assisted in developing independent skills and a support network in the community to which they will return.

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria for the residential program are as follows:

  • Consumers must be at least 13 years of age and less than 17 years and nine months of age.
  • The program serves both male and female consumers, however the availability of beds for youths of either gender will be dependent upon the census and the physical arrangement in the cottages at that time.
  • Consumers must be in the legal custody of a person or state agencies of Missouri.
  • Consumers shall have a principal diagnosis of a DSM-IV Axis I disorder, and, as follows:
  • Based upon available assessments of the client, it is believed that present treatment needs may be met safely in the program.
  • Less restrictive forms of treatment are perceived as neither feasible nor sufficiently protective of the youth, due to the level of supervision needed.
  • Admission will generally be denied to youth with histories of extreme assaultive behavior, crimes against persons (rape, murder, sexual assault, arson, armed robbery).

Therapeutic Treatment Services Provided

Therapeutic interventions and treatment milieu in the Residential Program are based on the Sanctuary Model and tools, and trauma focused treatment is provided. Treatment in the Residential Program is provided to consumers by an interdisciplinary team consisting of registered nurses, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, art therapist, teachers, psychiatric aides, psychiatrists, a dietician and pharmacist. Consumers in the Residential Program receive the following treatment services and activities:

  • Psychiatric treatment/medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Nursing care which ensures all medical and dental needs are met via outside specialists
  • Educational therapy via Hawthorn certified teachers and educational staff
  • Recreational therapy
  • Walking program
  • Out-trips to community/leisure time activities
  • Speech and Language therapy via Hawthorn and contractual providers
  • Daily living skills development
  • Social skill development
  • Work-Study programming
  • Specialized treatment plans based on unique needs
  • Pediatric services
  • Dietitian consultation