Who We Serve

Publicly funded psychiatric care in Missouri is provided through a network of community mental health centers that provide outpatient and short-term inpatient services. Each of the community mental health centers is linked to a regional long-term adult inpatient facility. For the 31 counties in central and northern Missouri, that facility is Fulton State Hospital.

The region is home to more than 745,000 Missourians. It is estimated that one out of every four individuals will need some type of treatment for a mental illness in their lifetimes. Some of them will come to Fulton State Hospital for that treatment. Individuals come to Fulton State Hospital on either a voluntary or involuntary basis. Some patients may be committed by the courts for evaluation and/or treatment. Fulton State Hospital serves as the statewide treatment facility for persons found not guilty or unable to stand trial by reason of mental disease or defect. Our population today is approximately 431 individuals and they are receiving the most advanced medication practices and rehabilitative services.

Additionally, Fulton State Hospital provides Maximum Security and Intermediate Security Forensic mental health services for the entire state of Missouri. These services include evaluation of individuals accused of criminal offense as ordered by the circuit court of jurisdiction, competency restoration services for individuals deemed incompetent to proceed to trial and individuals who have been adjudicated as not guilty by reason of mental illness or mental defect who are in need of high levels of security. In the circumstance where an individual at a minimum security sister facility needs an intermediate or maximum security facility, Fulton State Hospital provides the service.

In addition to the 31 counties in the central region, Fulton State Hospital provides minimum security forensic services to 21 counties in the southwest Missouri area.

Our Services

Severe and persistent mental illnesses can have a devastating impact on an individual as well as on the individual's family and loved ones. These illnesses often limit the individual's ability to function in society. Many of the people who come to Fulton State Hospital have mental illnesses that interfere with their ability to take care of their day-to-day needs, to interact with other people, to form relationships, to work, or to engage in recreational activities

Fortunately, for most people with a mental illness, there is hope offered by advancements in medications and rehabilitative services that enable them to regain the ability to take care of themselves, to interact with others, and to return to full and active lives within their communities. Making sure each individual receives the type of services needed in a compassionate and professional manner is a goal of Fulton State Hospital.