Our Philosophy


"Fulton State Hospital is a community of caring, skilled people, partnering with individuals challenged by mental illness to inspire healing and recovery."

"Partnership and Recovery."


"Creating Hope Through Excellence "


Each of the below values represents the attitudes and behaviors that we, as employees, care about and live by:


Contributes to a respectful environment for employees and clients. Manages conflict and builds trust through respectful communication skills. Communicates honestly and accurately, avoiding negative language and stereotypes. Maintains appropriate personal and professional boundaries.


Affirms the process of self discovery and goal setting in others. Provides immediate feedback and gratitude for the contributions of others.


Recognizes and respects the experience of others. Demonstrates sensitivity to language and cultural attributes. Extends concern to the communities we serve.


Asks for help and seeks out appropriate resources. Acknowledges personal strengths and limitations.


Honors the worth and dignity of each person, including self. Prioritizes the use of time, property, and events of life enrichment opportunities. Maximizes the use of personal, financial and professional resources.


Commits personally to highest quality performance. Strives to achieve individual and team objectives for service and quality.


Assists others, consistent with one's strengths and limitations. Addresses unique needs of individuals with respect, acceptance and genuine, timely concern.


Accepts and positively regards each person's uniqueness by working effectively with people of any age, race, ability, religion, sexual orientation and background. Brings to the workplace energy and vitality of body, mind and spirit. Takes responsibility for actions, decisions, results and commitments.