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Savings and Other Benefits

Cafeteria Plan:
A payroll-deduction savings plan which permits employees to set aside a portion of their salary on a tax-free basis to pay for state medical and group term life insurance premiums and to be reimbursed for certain medical, child, and dependent car expenses.
Direct Deposit:
Employees may have paycheck directly deposited to bank, savings institution, or credit union account of their choice. Effective 07-01-98 all new employees must have direct deposit.
Payroll Deductions:
Direct payment through payroll deductions is available for a variety of insurance and investment programs and for certain charitable causes.
Credit Union:
Checking, savings, and lending services through payroll deduction. Services also include traveler's checks, credit cards, and automatic teller machine cards.
Legal Expense Fund:
Full malpractice and other liability coverage provided for claims or judgments against employees arising out of and performed in connection with official duties on behalf of the state.


Coverage through the Missouri State Employees Retirement System (MOSERS), supported solely by the state. Vesting occurs after five years. Employees may apply for normal retirement at age 50 with 30 years of service, at age 60 with 15, at age 65 with 10.
Social Security:
Paid through employee-employer contributions.
Deferred Compensation:
A payroll deduction plan available offering to shelter your income from taxes ranging from life insurance, stock purchase plans, and retirement plans. Monies are taxable when withdrawn. Provided by Public Employee Benefit Services Corporation (PEBSCO).
U.S. Savings Bonds:
Available through payroll deduction plan.


Health Insurance:
Employees have options of different coverage depending on location with at least one option at no charge. Family, spouse, or dependent coverage begins the first month following employment.
Basic Life Insurance:
Term life insurance ($15,000) coverage through the Missouri State Employees Retirement System.
Optional Life Insurance:
Optional group life insurance available with maximum coverage of six times annual salary. Premiums paid by employee
Post-retirement continuation of insurance benefits for those qualifying.

Paid Leave

Vacation Leave:
Three weeks (120 hours) annually accrued at a rate of one and quarter days (10 hours) a month with a 30-day accrual limit. Additional time accrues after 10 and 15 years of service.
Twelve paid holidays each year with additional days designated by the governor.
Sick Leave:
Employees accrue one and a quarter sick leave days (10 hours) each month without limit on accrual.
Worker's Compensation:
Protection paid by the state against work-related accidents or illnesses provided immediately upon employment and so long as employed.
Funeral Leave:
Leave with pay may be granted upon death of a member of employee's immediate family.
Administrative Leave:
Leave with pay may be granted for training or professional conference attendance when representing the agency.
Subpoena Duty:
When subpoenaed, leave with pay to act as a juror or to appear in court on agency business.
Military Leave:
Up to 15 calendar days each federal fiscal year with pay, in addition to vacation leave, to attend reserve summer camp or other military training when orders are issued.

Field Instruction Opportunities

Social Work

Field instruction opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate social work are available in cooperation with accredited schools of social work.

Psychology Field Placement

Psychology Field Placement opportunities are available for undergraduates. Goals include: a) helping students learn about the overall operations of a state mental health facility; b) assisting them in becoming aware of the various roles and duties held by staff psychologists; c) enhancing their understanding of the array of psychological evaluation and treatment methods that are offered, and d) giving them opportunity to interact with patients in highly structured, supervised activities. Students will work three (3) hours per week for each hour of credit received.

Psychology Clerks

The Psychology Department sponsors training of psychology graduate students from the University of Missouri - Columbia. The department funds six half-time training positions, and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program funds either one or two slots. Clerkship appointments run through the fiscal year. Although exceptions may be made, psychology clerks are typically enrolled in at least their third year or doctoral study in clinical or counseling psychology. These graduate students are assigned to diverse treatment areas and programs throughout the hospital, as well as to research activities. Specific placements are based upon students' expressed interests, completed coursework, prior experience, and facility needs. The training program's primary goal is to offer the kind, quality, and number of didactic and clinical experiences helpful to develop the professional competencies needed by clinical and counseling students by the time they earn their doctoral degree.

Music Therapy

This internship is designed for students to develop clinical skills in planning and conducting music therapy sessions, to learn to write accurate and professional notes and assessments, and to establish a professional manner in relating to other staff. Students requesting internship experience at Fulton State Hospital must complete the internship application (including a letter from your academic supervisor and transcript), a Department of Mental Health application and the green application from the Division of Family Services. We prefer to interview you in person, plus conduct a brief music audition.

Recreation Therapy

The purpose of the internship is to provide students with an opportunity to have practical experience in a setting that is providing established professional therapeutic recreation services. The internship shall augment the formal classroom and related learning experiences to include application of theory and practical skills. It shall be an active learning experience for the student to develop TR competencies in a service delivery process. The internships run from 12 –15 weeks under the direction of one of our 15 CTRS’s. Students requesting internship experience at Fulton State Hospital must complete the internship application (including a letter from your academic supervisor and transcript), a Department of Mental Health application and the green application from the Division of Family Services. We prefer to interview you in person.

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