Missouri Statutes

Chapter 302 - Drivers’ and Commercial Drivers’

License not to be issued to whom, exceptions--reinstatement requirements.
Notice of points--suspension or revocation of license, when, duration--reinstatement, condition, point reduction, fee--failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility effect--point reduction prior to conviction, effect--surrender of license--reinstatement of license when drugs or alcohol involved, assignment recommendation, judicial review--fees for program--supplemental fees.
Driving while license or driving privilege is canceled, suspended or revoked, penalty--enhanced penalty for repeat offenders--imprisonment, mandatory, exception.

* Driver Under Age 21 - Abuse & Lose

Suspension or revocation of driving privileges, persons under twenty-one years of age--violation of certain laws--surrender of licenses--court to forward to director of revenue--period of suspension.
Completion of substance abuse traffic offender program, persons under twenty-one years of age, required, when, standards by department of mental health.
Suspension or revocation, when effective, duration--restricted driving privilege--effect of suspension or revocation by court on charges arising out of same occurrence--revocation due to alcohol-related offenses, requirements.
Reinstatement of license--completion of substance abuse traffic offender program a condition--individual assessment, judicial review-- fees and cost, distribution of.
Substance abuse traffic offender program, court may order participation in, when--professional assessment--supplemental fees, deposition--failure to remit, penalty.

Ignition Interlock Devices

Devices, use of, when.

Chapter 311 - Liquor Control Law

Sale to minor--certain other persons, misdemeanor--exceptions--permitting drinking or possession by a minor, exception--defenses.
Misrepresentation of age by minor to obtain liquor--use of altered driver's license, passport or I.D. cards, penalties.

*Minor in Possession

Purchase or possession by minor, penalty--container need not be opened and contents verified, when--consent to chemical testing deemed given, when--burden of proof on violator to prove not intoxicating liquor--section not applicable to certain students, requirements.
Reproduction or alteration of identification card, penalty.

Chapter 577 - Public Safety Offenses

Chapter definitions.
Driving while intoxicated--sentencing restrictions.
Driving with excessive blood alcohol content--sentencing restrictions.

Offense by a Minor - Zero Tolerance

Chemical tests for alcohol content of blood--consent implied, when--administered, when, how--information available to person tested, contents--videotaping of chemical or field sobriety test admissible evidence.
Aggravated, chronic, persistent and prior offenders, when--trial procedures--sentencing information.
Refusal to submit to chemical test--admissibility--request to include reasons and effect of refusal.

Ignition Interlock Devices

Refusal to submit to chemical test--admissibility--request to include reasons and effect of refusal.