WHAT WE DO: Provide quality long term forensice inpatient treatment andpsychiatric rehabilitation

FOR WHOM: Missourians who are recovering from a serious and persistent mental illness for which they were criminally committed

WHY WE DO IT: To enable those we serve to safely return to the community so they can love, work, and have meaningful lives


"Excellence in the Service of Recovery"

On behalf of those we serve, we are dedicated to providing excellence in all we do

Values & Strength


  • Partnership
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Dignity
  • Empowerment



We believe in partnership:

  • Among clients served, their families and friends, staff and community providers
  • With the communitites we serve primarily in the Eastern Region
  • That stresses communication across all levels of the organization
  • That bridges cultural differences that might otherwise divide us
  • That supports and maximizes the range of available choices for our clients


We support an array of services

  • That are accessible
  • That validate our clients' needs, requests, and concerns
  • That are culturally competent
  • That are tailored to individual needs and goals
  • That encourage hope, engagement in treatment, and increased freedom within our hospital
  • That enable clients to succeed by achieving a meaningful life in the community


We expect ourselves to be accountable

  • To deliver the best possible outcomes effectively and compassionately
  • To provide the tools, training, and resources needed by staff to do their jobs safely and well
  • To use funds and resources responsibly and to be good stewards of the public trust
  • To recognize and celebrate excellence in all of our staff
  • To provide the follow-up and transition services necessary for community success
  • To advocate tirelessly for those who struggle with mental illness, developmental disability, or substance abuse/addiction


We recognize the aspirations of our clients

  • For respect and dignity
  • To fulfill hopes for growth, change, and recovery
  • To achieve a balance among choice, personal responsibility and socially acceptable behavior
  • To increase their independence and the quality of their lives
  • to live as they choose within the limitations of the legal system and public safety in the most independent environment possible
  • To be treated sensitively in respect to their trauma history


We value clients' ability

  • To make choices and direct their lives in keeping with their own values and goals
  • To use their individual talents and resources
  • To work productively
  • To achieve their own personal recovery

We value our employees' ability

  • To participate in decision-making at all levels of the hospital
  • To improve processes and systems that impact their area of work