The MPC Unit's Staffing Pattern

in reference to the treatment team for each client is as follows:Treatment Team


The Treatment Team works collaboratively to provide a plan of treatment for a positive outcome.

Nurse Manager:

The Unit nurse manager is responsible for the supervision of nursing staff and client care, as well as the overall functioning of the unit. Clients can take their concerns to him/her or to assigned members of the treatment team. The Nurse Manager supervises, facilitates, and coordinate the treatment and progress of each client assigned to that unit - from initial treatment planning to discharge.

Staff Psychiatrists

Upon admission to our hospital unit, a psychiatrist is assigned. He/She initially meets with the client to make and confirm diagnosis. Based on their diagnosis the psychiatrist choose the most effective medical treatments. He/She also makes the final decision when the client is ready for discharge.

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses work directly with clients. They are actively involved in patient education groups, administering medications, and other activities that will enhance the client's restoration to competency.

Clinical Social Workers

The social worker discuss the services available in the hospital. He/She provides the client with therapy to educate them in learning how to cope with life's problems. Clients also obtain information through their social assigned worker about their mental illness, as well as treatments and other services. The social worker also work closely with the client's family to connect them with other services and community resources.

Recreational/Activity Aides

The Recreational Therapist teach skills to enhance physical activities, and structure ways that the client can use their free time in a positive way.

Music Therapists

The Music Therapist teach and develop the client's coping skills, which enables the individual to express feelings, improve their mood and increase motivation with music.

Clinical Psychologist

After diagnosis the psychologist works with the treatment team to determine what treatments would beneficial for the client. He/She implements and facilitate the development of a Master Treatment Plan. The psychologist also familiarize themselves with the client through communication and psychological testings to determine the client's skills and problem areas. The psychologist works with the client individually, and also in group psychotherapy.


The registered dietician determines the client's nutritional needs. The dietician also catered to the client's illness, injury or medical condition that requires a specialized diet. He/She develops a nutrition plan that will augment the best healthy outcome for the client, during hospitalization.

Clinical Pharmacist

The pharmacist sometimes meet with clients individually or at a regularly schedule medication group meeting. They also answer questions about medications.

Psychiatric Technicians

The Psych Technicians ensures that the client maintains their schedule in activities for daily living. Psychiatric Technicians work closely with the nurses to provide assistance to nursing care and and activities as needed. He/She takes the client's vital signs, monitors and escort the client, and assist with grooming and hygiene.


The client's family help to provide the necessary information about the client's physical and mental health. They work together with the team as a support system to enhance the client's recovery, and restoration to competency.