Nursing Psych Rotations

Nursing students gain rewarding and practical experience, while training at Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center in their clinical trials and Psych Rotation Programs. The program schedule is orchestrated and coordinated through our networking educational institutions.


Psychology graduate students can call or e-mail Dr. Debra Luechtefeld (314-877-0806) or Debra Luechtefeld regarding participation in a non-funded practicum program. The practicum slots are allocated on a priority basis to graduate students, however, any slots not assigned to graduate students may then be filled by undergraduate students.

A letter of interest, course list and a listing of any psychological/neuropsychological testing experience will be required. All applicants will be interviewed.

Also, before the student may begin the practicum, an Affiliation Agreement between the university/institution and Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center (MPC) must be signed and on file.

St. Louis Psychology Internship Consortium

Social Work

Student Practicum: Applicant must be MSW candidate from an accredited school of social work.

A letter of interest and resume will serve as initial application. Please allow 3-4 months lead time for application/interview process prior to start date. One and two semester practicum opportunities are possible, based upon Field Instructor availability.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy pre-intersnship clinical practicum experiences for students in music therapy courses are available under supervision of board-certified music therapist. Interested students, in coordination with the training institution/university, may contact the Director of Rehabilitation Services at the address on the homepage.

Students in general can call the Volunteer Services Office Department: (314) 877-0876.

Email: June Jones