Dr. Michael Anderson, Chief Operating Office

Picture of Dr. Michael AndersonOn behalf of the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the Staff of Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center (MPC), welcome to the MPC Website.

MPC is one of a select number of Psychiatric Hospitals in the State of Missouri which evaluate, treat and restore to competency individuals who are mentally ill and have been charged with a crime. The hospital offers two major programs-the outpatient Pre-Trial Evaluation Program and the Inpatient Restoration to Competency Program.

The goal of the outpatient Pre-trial Evaluation is to carefully evaluate individuals charged with a crime and render an opinion to the referring court about an Individual's competency to participate in a trial. The Inpatient Competency Restoration Program provides evaluation, stabilization and treatment services for individuals referred by courts with the goal of restoring their competency to proceed to trial.

MPC strives to accomplish its mission with a focus on Recovery for the individual and an emphasis on maintaining Public Safety. The hospital provides a secure environment staffed by highly trained professionals and support staff to fulfill its responsibilities to the citizens of Missouri.

We hope you find this website useful and welcome your suggestions to make it better.


Dr. Michael Anderson

Chief Operating Officer