The Nursing Department at Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center is dedicated to assisting our clients to recover from and, in many cases, to live with persistent symptoms of mental illness.

We recognize and appreciate the struggles our clients endure that frequently include overcoming the preconceptions and stereotypes of the public in general. It is for this reason our staff accept the clients as individuals who need help dealing with their illness; whatever that illness may be.

Because our nursing practice is client focused and individualized, we utilize an eclectic approach, facing the multifaceted problems of the person by borrowing from a variety of nursing theoretical models. In essence what this means is that nursing at MPC:

  • Thrives on change
  • Enjoys working in a fast paced environment
  • Exercises innovation and creativity
  • Is driven by diversity
  • Creates a vision by exploring new ideas
  • Has a passion for our work with the mentally ill
  • Embraces challenge

Sarah Jones, RN-BC, MSN, MBA