10 Fundamental Components of Recovery

Illness Management and Recovery Toolkit - link to SAMHSA's webpage

Wellness Strategies - SAMHSA's Health Literacy website

Recovering Your Mental Health—A Self-Help Guide

Building Self-esteem - A Self-Help Guide

Making and Keeping Friends—A Self-Help Guide

Dealing with the Effects of Trauma—A Self-Help Guide

Recovery and Wellness Lifestyle—A Self-Help Guide

Speaking Out for Yourself—A Self-Help Guide

Action Planning for Prevention and Recovery

Wellness Recovery Action Planning - an introduction

Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery - link to Mary Ellen Copeland's website

Peer Wellness Coaching

Journaling - A Wellness Tool - Created by John Garafano, Jr. and Clare Celano - January 2011

Winter Wellness Plan toolkit developed by CSP-NJ Institute for Wellness and Recovery Initiatives – John Garafano, BS, CPRP, CFT , Jay Yudof, MS, CPRP & Peggy Swarbrick, PhD, OT, CPRP - December 2010

Missouri Plan for Living Tobacco Free