Comprehensive Health Screen - CMHC Healthcare Homes are required to annually conducted a comprehensive health screen on all Healthcare Home enrollees. The Department promulgated a policy outlining the required elements of the comprehensive health screen and developed a model health screen tool, but CMHC Healthcare Homes could submit their own comprehensive screening tool for approval by the Department, and many did so.

Statewide Registry and Data Analytics - The Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers contracts with Care Management Technologies (CMT), a data analytics company, to develop and maintain a statewide registry for the CMHC Healthcare Home initiative that includes a variety of data analytics reports. The statewide web-based system, ProAct™, includes a wide variety of diagnostic, treatment, pharmacy, and cost data based on Medicaid paid claims for all CMHC Healthcare Home enrollees, allows each CMHC Healthcare Home to enter updated metabolic screening values for its enrollees; and generates regular reports on health status and service utilization so that CMHC Healthcare Homes can improve care coordination and track outcomes.

Responsibilities of Primary Care Physician Consultants and Psychiatrists - Adding Primary Care Physician Consultants to the CMHCs was among the most significant innovations of the CMHC Healthcare Home initiative. Having physicians with expertise in primary care available to consult with all of the CMHC clinical staff may have the most significant impact in helping CMHCs achieve a “whole person” approach to care. The Department of Mental Health developed the following documents to clarify the relative roles and responsibilities of primary care physician consultants and psychiatrists in meeting the needs of CMHC Healthcare Home enrollees.

An Example of Engagement and the Difference It Might Make - In order to explain to interested third parties, how an individual with chronic health problems might get connected to a CMHC Healthcare Home and what difference that might make, the Department of Mental Health developed the following narrative describing the experience of a hypothetical individual named “Howard”.