Access Crisis Intervention (ACI)


  • To respond immediately to people who have a mental health crisis on a 24 hour, seven day a week basis no matter where the person lives.
  • To respond to crisis by providing services in the person's commuity, e.g., home, school.
  • To prevent hospitalization whenever possible.
  • To help the person in crisis and refer them to services they need.
  • To help people find the services, resources and supports they need for ongoing care following a crisis, including natural support networks.

Components of ACI

  • 24-hour "live" phone response - telephone crisis/referral/information
  • Mobile crisis response - 24-hour staffing, provide face-to-face on-site crisis stabilization
  • Next day appointments - allow the individual to receive timely services
  • Inpatient crisis services - decision of last resort after other options have been tried, or when it is obvious that other options will not work or others will be harmed
  • Alternative services - e.g. 23-hour observation beds, respite.