Annual Reviews for MO HealthNet for the Elderly, Blind, and Disabled

This form for MO HealthNet for the Elderly, Blind, and Disabled is available online and can be found here:

All MO HealthNet (Medicaid) cases must undergo an annual review once a year. The purpose of this review is to update the consumer's current income and resources, and to make sure there have been no major life changes which may impact their case or eligibility. Sometimes this is referred to as an annual reinvestigation, reauthorization, or re-certification. This is a different and seperate process than the MRT Disability Redetermination Process.

Two months prior to the review month the Family Support Division (FSD) mails an annual review form (FA-402) to the consumer that is due back on the first working day of the review month. If the form is not received and entered in the FSD computer system by the due date, a 10 day advance notice to close the Medicaid is sent to the consumer the next day.

The Medicaid is closed 10 days later if the form still has not been received, unless the consumer requests an appeal in the 10 days. If the annual review paperwork is received within 30 days of the closing action the case may be reopened. After the annual review form is received, and a worker beings the review process a letter is generated informing the consumer that the review has begun and stating that if any further verification is needed a separate request will be sent out. If there any changes to the consumers benefits the consumer will be notified. If the review is completed and there is no change in Medicaid eligibility no further
notices will be sent out regarding the annual review.

If the annual review form has been submitted but the consumer received an adverse action or closing letter please email so that we can check on the case for you.

DMH Report of Consumers Due for Annual Review

On 3rd of each month DMH produces a report listing cases due for a Medicaid annual review for each CMHC, behavioral health institution, DD regional office, and ADA provider. Agencies should use the report to assist consumers in submitting an annual review form to FSD by the due date on the report.

The reports are in the agency/facility’s Reports folder on the FTP Site:

  • In the agency/facility’s file, open the reports folder, then open the CPS or ADA folder.

  • Report name is "MedicaidReauths(MEIS)" preceded by the date of the report YYYYMMDD.

  • Report has two parts: "Due Within Three Months” and “Overdue or Closed Within Last Three Months."

  • The "Due Within Three Months" section of the report shows the consumers due for a review in each of the next three (3) months. For example, the July report shows the reviews due August 1, September 1 and October 1.

  • Staff should not wait for the consumer to receive the form mailed from FSD to start the process. Instead, staff should help the consumer complete the FA402 form and submit it by the due date.

  • The review forms can be sent to any FSD office, find a list of office contact information here:

  • Agencies should prioritize consumers on the report that have paperwork due the month of the report (in the overdue section) and the ones due the next two (2) months.

  • Those that were due in the current month (7/1 on the July report) are still active, but may have been sent a notice the Medicaid will close in 10 days. These need to have the form submitted by about the 12th of the month in order to prevent the Medicaid from closing. If you have any questions about annual reviews due in the current month, contact

  • For those due the first day of the month following the report month (8/1 on the July report), make sure the forms are completed and submitted to FSD before the end of the month of the report.

  • For those due the first day of the second month following the report month (9/1 on the July report), make plans to assist the consumer in completing the form so you can submit it before the due date.

    Note: Review forms should be submitted on or after the date the review form is mailed to the client (The form is mailed on the Monday after the first Saturday two months prior to the review month). The FSD systems are not capable of processing the review earlier than this.

  • Those on the report that have a due date prior to the month of the report have either been closed or have remained open without a review. Check CIMOR to see if the Medicaid is closed. If it is and you know the form was submitted or it has been under 30 days since the closing action, email Otherwise a new application should be submitted for the consumers that are closed. No action is necessary on those that remain open.

  • The report has a “Medical” column, if Medical is in the column that means the consumer’s disability has been determined by the FSD rather than by Social Security. New medical records will have to be submitted at some point to FSD, but are NOT required at the time of the annual review. DMH is working on ways to let DMH agencies know when to submit the medical records.

Annual Reviews for other MO HealthNet programs

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