Screening Tools

ASQ-SE (Ages, Stages Questionnaire-Social and Emotional): the ASQ-SE is a highly reliable screening tool with a focus on children’s social and emotional development. Used with children ages 3 months – 66 months.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Missouri Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis, and Assessment: introduces a community collaboration model designed to promote discussion among practitioners, state programs, educators, and families as they move toward improved community-based services for individuals with ASDs.

DECA (Devereux Early Childhood Assessment): the DECA is a standardized, norm referenced screening tool used for Infants, Toddlers, Preschool and School Age Children that assesses a child’s behavior as protective factors and risk factors.

Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning, Fourth Edition (DIAL-4): the DIAL– 4 is a global screener for assessing large groups of children quickly and efficiently. To give comprehensive information, DIAL-4 provides scores for all five early childhood areas: motor: gross and fine, language, concepts, self-help and social development.

Screening and Referral Matrices: decision-support tools to facilitate referrals based on developmental and/or social and emotional screening results.

SWYC (Survey of Well-Being of Young Children): the SWYC includes brief questionnaires to assess three domains of child functioning; Developmental, Social & Emotional, and Family Context. The Baby Pediatric Symptom Checklist (BPSC) and the Preschool Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PPSC) are included in the survey. Used with children ages 0-6.

PEDS (Parents Evaluation of Developmental Status: PEDS Online): An evidence-based method for detecting and addressing developmental and behavioral problems in children.

For a more information on these screening tools and more, please visit the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center.