Library Services and Technology Act Grant

The LSTA Training Curriculum for librarians may be found at:

The Department of Mental Health has participated in the Library Services Technology Act Grant since 1998.

July 2010 - Present

In the fall of 2010 the Department of Mental Health sponsored a poster contest. Applicants were asked to submit a poster designed for the Disability Awareness Toolkit for use by public librarians. 35 posters were submitted by persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness and in recovery from substance abuse. The posters focused on the reduction of stigma and the importance of inclusion. In October 2010, a panel of 5 judges awarded 1st - 3rd place prizes as well as an honorable mention. The panel consisted of a indiviudal with a developmental disability, mental illness and in recovery as well as a local librarian and artist. The Missouri Mental Health Foundation provided prize money to the winners. To view the winning submissions got to:

This year's grant will also focus on revising several modules that were created in previous years.

July 2009 - June 2010

In the summer of 2009, the LSTA Initiative released another video training module on the Librarian411 web site. The module, titled " Focus on Abilities: Diversity Works!" features 5 individuals and the contributions they make in a variety of organizations. The purpose of the video is to assist librarians in understanding how ensuring diversity within an organization can strengthen and improve it.

In 2009 - 2010 LSTA activities focused on developing a toolkit for librarians to use to host disability or diversity awareness months in libraries - similar to women's history month. The Department created its 6th video which features six authors: two with developmental disabilities, two with mental illness and two recovering from substance abuse. The authors share stories of creativity and resiliency. The toolkits offers librarians resources lists, bibliographies and other activities to use to promote awareness in their communities.

Additional information can be found on the website.

July 2008 - June 2009

In July 2009 the Department of Mental Health was once more awarded funding under the Library Services and Technology Act.

Goals of this year's awards follows:

  • Goal 1: Promote the use of public libraries as an important resource in skills development and self-determination among persons with disabilities and their advocates.
  • Goal 2: Assist local public libraries in offering library programs and services that are accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Goal 3: Provide support to Institutional Libraries and DMH Computer sites to enhance services through training and networking with local community libraries.

We will continue to expand the librarian411 training, provide funding to expand services in our institutional libraries and promote the use of public libraries in the disability community.