Webinar Help

  • Webinar rooms open 20 minutes before the meeting begins.  You will not hear music if the webinar is being hosted via the Event Center platform.  To ensure that you are logged in, check the chat box for a message from your host welcoming you to the webinar.  You may also notice the presentation document being shared.
  • Sign in at least 10 minutes early.  Make sure you have a good connection, both on the computer and over the phone.
  • Mute your audio when joining the event.  If you are listening via your computer, mute the headphone. If you are using a call-in feature, mute your phone.
  • If you are using a headset with your computer and do not have sound, check that you are connected to the correct audio source, as your default may be set to something different that your headset. Should you continue to have difficulty, try using the call-me feature.
  • Be sure to review the webinar presentation document(s) prior to the session. The documents are attached to your registration and are included in the session description.
  • Please submit questions regarding content via the Q/A box.  Comments and/or housekeeping questions should be submitted via the chat box.  Some presenters will answer questions during the webinar, while others will collect the questions and send out a question/answer document later via email.  Your webinar host and/or presenter(s) will let you know how questions will be addressed prior to the start of the webinar.
  •  After you view the webinar, please provide feedback by participating in the survey.  This will help us improve our services and future webinars.