2019 Webinars

  • Sep 12

    Effective Problem Solving Meetings

    1:30 pm

    This webinar will introduce participants to the benefits of using a problem solving approach to help support individuals. Participants will understand of the purpose and benefits of problem-solving meetings, when meetings need to occur, and the important elements that need to be discussed during the meeting.

    Presenter: Melantha Witherspoon, MA, LBA Area Behavior Analyst

    Target Audience: Support Coordinators, Residential Providers, Licensed Behavior Analyst, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and other Division/Regional Office staff who would benefit from learning how to adopt a problem solving approach

    To register: https://stateofmo.webex.com/stateofmo/onstage/g.php?MTID=ee810cadddd13e4271748e01c1efe66ce

  • Aug 21

    Reasons to Use Ticket to Work - Becoming ( or Partnering with) an Employment Network

    1:00 pm

    This webinar is designed for organizations, service providers and agencies who would like to learn about the opportunities of expanding revenue and becoming an employment network as part of Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program.

    Presenter: Michael Dalto – Benefits Planning Consultant, Griffin Hammis Associates

    To register: https://stateofmo.webex.com/stateofmo/onstage/g.php?MTID=e39ea9c3b9f65ebd4425bd40decb8b2e2

    Please note: Participants can download a copy of the presentation prior to the webinar by clicking on “Event Material” on the registration page.