Updates to the Directive include:

  • Revised Appendix A which outlines the following:
    • Master File maintenance
    • Skeletal File maintenance
    • Forwrading new information (eg.diagnostic evaluations) from TCM agencies to DMH DD Regional Offices.
  • Responsible party for Master file maintenance (historical & current information).


  • There are no guidelines open for comment at this time.

Provider Bulletins


Please submit comments by e-mail to by April 27, 2018.

Please submit comments by e-mail to by May 2, 2018.

The draft rule will be submitted to the Governor's Office for review and approval before the formal filing with the Secretary of State.

Waiver Amendments and Renewals

  • There are no waiver amendments and renewals open for comment at this time.


  • DD Provider Waiver Manual-The Division of Develpmental Disabilities posted the DD Provider Waiver Manual for 30 day stakeholder comments. Revisions to the manual reflect changes in the waiver renewals and amendments for the Comprehensive and Community Support Waiver effective July 1, 2016; the waiver amendments for the Partnership for Hope and Missouri Children with Developmental Disabilities effective May 8-9, 2017; and posted provider bulletins through December 2017. Please submit your comments to by April 20, 2018.
  • Degreed Professional Manager Resource Guide-The Division is inviting public comment on the redesign of the 2012 Qualified Developmental Disabilities Guide. Please submit comments by email to by April 26, 2018.