• The Division of Developmental Disabilities is inviting public comment on the Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Heightened Scrutiny Reporting, Stakeholder Recruitment and Heightened Scrutiny Review Process Directive.  This Directive is being posted again for another 30 day comment. The purpose of the directive is to establish the process for reporting settings that have the presumed qualities of an institution, recruiting stakeholders and reviewing heightened scrutiny settings.  The directive applies to Regional Offices, Contracted Services Providers, Senate Bill 40 Boards (SB40) and other Targeted Case Management (TCM) entities providing Service Coordination per Department of Mental Health agreement.

    Please send comments to by February 15, 2019.


  • There are no guidelines open for comment at this time.

Provider Bulletins

  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities is inviting public comment on Provider Bulletin Individualized Skill Development Credentialing Requirement. The purpose of the bulletin is to outline the requirements necessary to obtain a credential for Individualized Skill Development. Please send comments to by December 31, 2018.



  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities is inviting public comments on the DRAFT proposed amendment 9 CSR 10-5.190 Background Screening. This rule was posted previousely and, as a result of comnents received, language has been revised as follows:
    • (4) The criminal background check and inquiries required under section (3) of this rule shall be initiated within two (2) working days of hire for staff who will have contact with individuals served. Previous language stated, "shall be initiated prior to the employee having contact with individuals served."

    Language related to volunteer, student, or certain members of the provider's house remains the same--"shall be initiated prior to contact with individuals served."

    • (11) Definitions section has been added to provide clarification on the numerous questions and comments received.

    Please submit comments to by August 24, 2018.


The draft rule will be submitted to the Governor's Office for review and approval before the formal filing with the Secretary of State.

Waiver Amendments and Renewals

  • There are no waiver amendments and renewals open for comment at this time.


  • There are no manuals open for comment