The Comprehensive Waiver began in FY 1989. This is the only waiver that provides residential services: Residential and individualized supported living services. This waiver does not have an individual cap on the amount of service an individual may receive annually through the waiver. The participant must meet ICF/ID level of care and must be at risk of needing ICF/ID services if waiver services are not provided. In addition, there must be a determination that the individual’s needs cannot be met in the Support Waiver.

The Division serves over 8,000 people through the Comprehensive Waiver. The approximate average cost for persons in the Comprehensive waiver is under $80,000 annually.

Although this waiver can provide residential support services when they are necessary for a participant, not every participant accesses residential services. The waiver has a varied population, some who live with their families and receive support services so they may continue to live at home; supported in individualized support living and others are supposed in a group home setting.