In October 2016, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) launched the Empowering through Employment Initiative to assist the growing number of individuals who express an interest in community-based employment.  According to National Core Indicators, 51% of individuals receiving home and community-based services express an interest to work in the community; however, fewer than 25% had a goal in their annual plan to support this interest and only 3% of individuals on a monthly basis have services authorized to assist with their employment pathway.

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December 2017 Update

Statewide Authorizations

Employment Authorizations

At the launch of the Empowering Through Employment initiative in October 2016, 367 individuals receiving waiver services had authorizations for employment services. Since then, this number has increased to 724, which is an increase of 97%.

TCM Ribbon Status by County

TCM Ribbon Status Image by County

Regions and Targeted Case Management (TCM) entities are recognized by ribbon status based on the percentage of individuals with employment service authorizations.  Currently 19 TCMs covering 30 counties met ribbon status.

Percentages of individuals with employment auths

Regional Authorizations

Regional Office Table Data

Authorizations were selected as the primary indicator, as they capture the full continuum of services. National trends demonstrate 55% of individuals that access services become employed.

Numbers at the end of November 2017 show a point in time total increase of 283 individuals. 

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The Empowering Through Employment powerpoint iniative can be found at Empowering Through Employment: Taking Charge of Change.