The Division is committed to individuals having access to individualized services and supports that provide access to opportunities that increase independence, integration, inclusion, productivity, self-determination and health and safety. Individuals and families must have access to a comprehensive and coordinated system that assists in planning, connecting to services and supports within and outside the disability system.

Person Centered Planning and Thinking are crucial elements in supporting individuals to have access to opportunities to increase independence, integration, inclusion and productivity and self-determination.

Many times when families and individuals with disabilities think of services and support they think about paid services such as residential care, assistance with adaptive equipment, personal assistance or respite care. These supports are usually paid by Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, private funds, or other monetary sources. Paid supports are a very important part of supporting a family member with a disability, but there are additional supports called natural supports that are equally important.

The revised Missouri Quality Outcomes resource guide was designed to be used in conjunction with "Charting the Life Course" guide developed by UMKC Institute for Human Development. The correlating icons can be used to coordinate the tools and assist individuals and families with plan development.