Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Persons of any age who have mental retardation, including those who are able to participate in education programs.
  2. Persons who have a developmental disability. Persons who have learning disabilities only are not eligible.
  3. Children ages 3 to 21 who are listed with the Bureau of Special Health Care Needs.
  4. Persons in extreme financial distress who have found it impossible to receive dental care anywhere else. Requires a letter of referral by the local Elk's Lodge. (Limited number of appointments available).


  1. Individuals meeting criteria 1-3 above, must be screened to verify eligibility and to determine if treatment in the Mobile Dental Unit with the aid of local anesthesia if needed, will meet the person's need.
  2. The Missouri Bureau of Dental Health urges all eligible individuals currently under the care of a private dentist to continue treatment with the private dentist.

Mobile Units:

There are 3 mobile dental units in use statewide. Each unit is accessible with a wheelchair lift and each has a waiting area. All three units are staffed by licensed dentists and dental assistants. Additionally, each unit is equipped with x-ray equipment and 2 fully equipped work stations.

The state is divided into three parts: Mobile Dental Unit I is assigned to the western part; Mobile Dental Unit II is assigned to the central part; and Mobile Dental Unit III is assigned to the eastern part of the state.

To check the availability of services in the Unit that serves your area, you may contact the Unit directly as follows:

  • Unit I - (816) 804-9701
  • Unit II - (573) 680-1682
  • Unit III - (573) 690-6003
  • Home Office Number - (816) 404-6904