The Missouri Advisory Committee on Autism is composed of two representatives and one alternate from each of the five parent advisory committees as set out in the Code of State Regulations 9 CSR 45-3.060. It includes one person with autism and one alternate, a person with autism, who are not members of a parent advisory committee. The committee is appointed by the division director from nominations by the local parent advisory committees. Members serve three-year terms. Members meet bi-monthly.

Missouri Advisory Committee Responsibilities

  • Communicating with the autism project parent advisory committees to provide up-to-date information to them and the families they serve;
  • Determining project outcomes for autism services;
  • Determining roles and responsibilities of the parent advisory committees;
  • Developing positive relationships with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and local school districts;
  • Establishing statewide policy;
  • Fostering unity with and among the projects to ensure joint support for legislative, budget, and other issues;
  • Planning and sponsoring statewide activities;
  • Providing program recommendations to the division;
  • Recommending service providers to the division director in the event a parent advisory committee and district deputy director cannot reach consensus;
  • Recommending issues resolutions to the division director