Real Voices Real Choices Conference

Come Join us for the 2018 Real Voices Real Choices Conference – 10 Year Anniversary event!

August 19 – 21, 2018

The Real Voices – Real Choices Conference is an exciting opportunity for individuals and families living with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and in recovery for substance use disorders. It is a gathering of consumers, family members, friends, self-advocates and persons in recovery who come together to learn about programs, service issues, opportunities and self-advocacy. It’s about fostering growth and empowerment, as well as finding the tools to be successful in the community. Annually, hundreds gather for this very empowering conference.

Now Accepting Presentations! 

The Conference Planning Committee is now accepting presentation applications for the 2018 Real Voices, Real Choices Conference held on August 19th - 21st, 2018 at Tan-Tar-A Resort and Conference Center. Self-advocates, persons in recovery, family members, and mental health professionals (who have lived experience) are encouraged to submit an application. The planning committee would like to challenge everyone to develop presentations to empower people to take action to improve their lives.

Please Note: The committee strongly encourages the development and use of interactive presentations that include participation by the audience.

This year, the conference will have separate tracks that appeal to the different attendee populations.

Please identify what track your presentation falls under: developmental disability, mental illness, substance use disorder, family/youth or other.

This will ensure that everyone understands the presentation they choose to attend. 


Click HERE to submit your presentation today!

Be sure to have the following workshop information ready - you will have 30 minutes to complete the online form!   

•             Your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.)

•             The title of your presentation

•             The names of all the people presenting

•             Three references that have seen you present

•             A brief overview of what your presentation is about

•             Seven points that your presentation will highlight

•             The track your presentation best fits under

These fields are required on the form and you will not be able to complete the presentation registration without them. Remember, you have 30 minutes to enter all this information. Thank you very much for your participation and we look forward to hearing about your presentation!

Here is the link to submit your presentation:

Deadline to Submit Presentations is Monday, March 5th!!

Here are some suggested topics for presentations: • Cooking/Nutrition • Budgeting • Suicide Prevention • Substance Use Disorders • Advocacy • Self-Esteem • Bullying • Co-occurring Disorders • How to Get a Job • Friendships and Relationships • Social Skills • Housing • Early Childhood • Coping Skills • Hiring and Firing Staff • Specific Disorders • Exercise •  IEP process • Music Therapy • School and Juvenile Justice System • Early signs of mental illness in children • Self-determination in Planning IEP • Parent Café • Transition age youth • Trauma • Lived Experiences • Organizing a Committee •  Positive Thinking •  Juvenile Justice System Information • Anger and Aggressiveness • Physical Disability with Mental Illness • Young Adult and Guardianship/consent • Family and youth engagement • Peer/family leadership within child serving agencies •  Substance use and mental health co-occurring treatment and support for families • Communication between school, hospitals, CMHCS, etc. •  Family Strength Language •  Special Ed. IDEA- variety of topic, Evaluations, IEP, Behavior Plans, Transition from early childhood to school, from school to college or work and etc.

More information about the Conference:

Important Information:

The Missouri Mental Health Foundation does NOT accept Purchase Orders and does NOT invoice organizations for conference registrations.

Please process the necessary paperwork internally within your organization to generate a check PRIOR to submitting registration forms.