What is Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)?

SATOP is a statewide network of comprehensive, accessible, community-based education and treatment options for consumers arrested in Missouri for alcohol- and drug-related driving offenses. This network includes an assessment screening process at 200 locations (Offender Management Units ) statewide and referral to various SATOP education and treatment programs.

SATOP Mission

  • Inform and educate drivers as to the hazards and consequences of impaired driving
  • Promote safe and responsible decision-making regarding driving
  • Motivate for personal change and growth
  • Contribute to public health and safety

SATOP Values

  • All SATOP consumers can access affordable services in their own communities.
  • Assessment screening recommendations should be based solely on the needs of the consumer.
  • SATOP consumers are capable of learning and changing their behaviors related to impaired driving.
  • SATOP consumers are treated with respect and dignity, and their rights are ensured by the staff providing them with SATOP services.