Recovery Support Services (RSS)

Recovery support programs offer services such as care coordination, recovery coaching, spiritual counseling, group support, recovery housing and transportation, before, during, after, and in coordination with other substance use disorder service providers.

These services are offered in a multitude of settings including community, faith-based and peer recovery organizations.

Recovery support programs are person-centered and self-directed allowing individual’s choice of provider.

Recovery Support Services -- Access Site Regions Map

Recovery Support Services -- Provider Directory

Becoming a DMH Contracted Recovery Support Provider

  1. Recovery support providers that are interested in becoming a DMH contracted RSS provider must either obtain DMH certification as a recovery support provider or obtain MCRSP-NARR acreditation for recovery housing.
  2. After obtaining certification or accreditation the provider must complete the Information for Bid (IFB) form. The Department of Mental Health has issued Invitation for Bid # SDA42018002 for Recovery Support Services with the Division of Behavioral Health. The IFB can be downloaded at:

The recovery support provider is strongly encouraged to participate in regional and statewide Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers meetings and conferences to obtain support and to coordinate services with other providers.

For more information on Recovery Support Services contact Jesse Crum