The Division of Behavioral Health is accepting public comments on the following DRAFT proposed amendments:


9 CSR 30-3.160 Institutional Treatment Center

The deadline for comments is AUGUST 20, 2018.


9 CSR 10-5.190 Background Screening

This rule was posted previously and as a result of comments received, language has been revised as follows:

(4) The criminal background check and inquiries required under paragraph (3) of this rule shall be initiated within two (2) working days of hire for staff who will have contact with individuals served.

Language previously stated: “background check shall be initiated prior to the employee having contact with individuals served.”

(11)  Definitions section has been added to clarify numerous questions and comments received.

The deadline for comments is AUGUST 24, 2018.


9 CSR 10-7.060 – Emergency Safety Interventions

9 CSR 10-7.070 – Medications

The deadline for comments is SEPTEMBER 7, 2018


Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR)

The deadline for comments is SEPTEMBER 20, 2018.


Please submit all comments or questions to Debbie McBaine and include the rule section and subsection number(s) with your comments.