Mission and Vision - Printer Friendly Format


Prevention, Treatment/Habilitation and Promotion of Public Understanding for Missourians with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and addictions.


Hope, Opportunity, Community Inclusion
Missourians receiving mental health services will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and live their lives as valued members of their communities.


Community Inclusion
Missourians who participate in mental health services are welcomed and equally included in education, work, housing, and social opportunities in their communities.
Accessible, Safe, Affordable, and Integrated Services
Missourians with mental health needs easily access safe, affordable, and integrated medical and behavioral services.
Partners in Personal Service Design
Missourians participating in mental health services are active partners in designing their services and supports.
Effectiveness Measured by Participant Outcomes
The effectiveness of Missouri’s mental health services is measured by meaningful outcomes experienced by the people receiving them.
Valued and Motivated Staff
Missourians receive mental health services from competent, motivated, and highly valued staff serving as effective stewards of the public trust.
Prevention and Early Intervention
Emphasizing prevention and early intervention strategies avoids or minimizes the mental health problems of Missourians.
Respected Unique Participant Characteristics
Missourians participating in mental health services are valued for their uniqueness and diversity and respected without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic condition.