Detailed prescribing information specifically tailored for special types of practices

CMT's Behavioral Pharmacy Management™ solution has been customized to provide selected treatment agencies with the same prescribing information that is delivered to individual physicians. In Missouri, these Agency-specific BPM reports are sent to Community Mental Health Centers, Habilitation Centers, and selected Nursing Homes, to assist with the specialized care that is provided to persons with serious mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and to the elderly, respectively.

As with the standard BPM, which is designed for individual providers, these Agency BPM packets contain collegially written Clinical Considerations™ with supporting citations from the medical literature, and a detailed 90-day pharmacy history. The addition of Benchmark Reports shows how each agency compares to similar agency types across the state, and combining information on all providers for a particular agency into one packet permits clinical supervisors to monitor the prescribing patterns of their supervisees, and allows quality assurance staff to review prescribing patterns for the agency as a whole. Other aggregate reports assist agencies in the development of quality improvement plans, and provide metrics for monitoring associated changes in prescribing practices.