Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

Picture of SW Mo Psych Rehab center buildingSouthwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center's mission is to assist persons in service to increase successful function and satisfaction, in the development of behaviors and skills, allowing them to live as independently as possible in the community of their choice.

Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center was formerly known as Nevada State Hospital. Nevada State Hospital No. 3 admitted its first client in 1887 and once operated its own School of Nursing. The hospital continued as an inpatient psychiatric facility for 104 years.

In 1991 Nevada State Hospital closed and transitioned its operations to a Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program known as Southwest Missouri Mental Health Center. The center continued these operations until 1997 when it relocated to a new inpatient facility in ElDorado Springs Missouri. In conjunction with this move, the facility received an official title change to Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center and currently continues services under this title.

Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center now operates a 4 bed Medicare certified Distinct Part Hospital devoted to acute care and a 12 bed Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program. The facility is designed as a State Backup Program for the Southwest Region of Missouri including an area of 21 counties. Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center is an adult inpatient program connected to Service Areas 8, 9 and 10 within the 21 county region.

Administrative Agents serve as the entry and exits points for Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (S.W.M.P.R.C.) beds. Bed assignments based upon percapita population exist for the Administrative Agents. With this process, each Administrative Agent manages admissions, continuity of treatment and discharge for individuals admitted to SWMPRC beds. A Regional Clinical Review Team made up of SWMPRC treatment staff, a Pharm D Consultant, clients, client supports and clinical leadership from each Administrative Agent meets monthly to accomplish intensive service planning to assure that individuals return to community living with success and satisfaction.

Southwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center practices within the mission, vision and values of the Department of Mental Health and is committed to person centered services. We believe that all individuals have potential for growth and all individuals have the right to pursue that potential. The facilities most prized value is for every individual to be treated as a person first. To promote person centered service, the program utilizes principles of psychosocial rehabilitation including procovery. It is our hope that services we provide will help individuals pursue and achieve their own personal goals.