Regional Advisory Councils

General Information about Regional Advisory Councils (RAC)

The Regional Council, consistent with State Statute RSMo 633.040-.050, is an advisory council to the Regional Director with duties including, but not limited to, the following:

Role of the Regional Developmental Disabilities Advisory Councils:

The data mentioned above in the first bullet point will be provided to the Regional Council by the Regional Director.  The Regional Director will provide this data at least quarterly to the Regional Council.   The Regional Director and Regional Council are then expected to collaborate in the development of a regional plan to meet the needs of individuals in the region based upon the data provided.  This plan will include, but not be limited to, specific goals to increase the number of individuals self-directing their supports and services, consumers participating in integrated community employment, and training activities for individuals, families, providers and Division employees.  The regional plan should be submitted by April 30 of each year to the Division Director.  The information contained in the regional plan will be utilized with the other regional plans to develop the Division’s priorities and budget each year, which are developed in late Spring and presented to the Mental Health Commission in July.

Partnership between Regional Director and Regional Council

The relationship between the Regional Director and Regional Council should reflect a partnership that works collaboratively to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities through the provision of contemporary best practices throughout the region.  The structure of communication is at the local level between the Regional Director and the Regional Council chair or his/her designee.  The Regional Director will communicate with his or her District Administrator and Central Office on development, implementation, and outcomes of the regional plan.  The Regional Council’s main point of communication and contact is with the Regional Director as each is most familiar with the local needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their communities.

Participation in Meetings

We are encouraging and providing access to technology (i.e., 1-800 meet me call numbers) for Regional Council members to participate who live more than 30 miles away from where the Regional Council meetings take place.  The use of technology provides an opportunity for individuals to participate who live in counties that are typically underrepresented due to the travel distance and time constraints.  This has been used in more than one region very effectively and resulted in increased attendance and participation.

Updates from Division of DD

As you may be aware, a couple months ago the Division, in an effort to improve communication to families, self advocates, providers and community members, added an e-mail notification system to our web page.  If you or anyone else would like to receive regular updates about Division initiatives, policies that are open for comment, meeting notices, etc., please go to and sign up.  We also continue to have the Regional Councils on the Division’s “network” e-mail distribution list.

Region VI dis*AbilityAdvisory Council Mission Statement

The Region VI Advisory Council will work in partnership with the Springfield Regional Office to enhance the lives of persons with developmental disabilities and their families.  By reviewing Regional Office data, gathering community information and researching best practices, the Council will identify and communicate specific unmet needs or duplication of services.

RAC contact information: RAC Chair, Karleen Tutton, at 417-869-3967 or via email at