New Outlook Program

What's the New Outlook Program all about?

The New Outlook Program was designed for people who exhibit challenging behavior during episodes of mood dysregulation. These people have relied on behaviors such as aggression, self-harm, sex offenses, and substance abuse to stabilize or change their acute emotional distress. Rather than focusing on eliminating these problem behaviors, the New Outlook Program assists people to manage their changing moods and to understand the function of their challenging behavior. As people become more capable of managing their emotional distress, the challenging behaviors will decrease. People in this program will learn skills to improve interpersonal relationships and to communicate their wants and needs effectively. As their relationships with others improve and their needs are met through effective communication, people will stop relying on challenging behaviors and will continue to improve their skills. The ultimate goal of treatment is that people will self-manage rather than depend upon others to manage for them, leading to eventual independence and an improved quality of life.