Cognitive-Behavioral Program

What is the Cognitive-Behavioral Program all about?

The Cognitive-Behavioral Program (CBP) is here to help consumers participate responsibly as part of the wider society we live in. Society operates with expected social values and behaviors. The Cognitive Behavior staff help consumers recognize thoughts and behaviors that may violate those expected social values and behaviors and which do not work well for them. The staff will also help consumers to develop skills and ways of functioning which are more socially acceptable and which work better for them. We believe that recovery is a process in which consumers choose to think in different, more responsible ways. The ultimate goal is for consumers to be successful and satisfied members of society able to function within societal norms, demonstrating respect for themselves and others. The Cognitive-Behavior staff are here to work in partnership with consumers to support their recovery.

What is Cognitive-Behavior Program is based on?

Cognitive Behavior was developed as part of a bigger concept known as psychosocial rehabilitation. Those who are part of Cognitive Behavior are seen as having a high risk of behavior that will bring them into conflict with the law and members of society because of a severe personality disorder.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the basis for much of the work in this program, which seeks to identify errors in thinking which can lead to antisocial behaviors. Consumers may not be able to control those thoughts but they can learn to recognize when they are occurring and how to respond in ways acceptable to society when those thoughts occur.

Last modified: 05/11/07