The Division of Administrative Services, headed by the department's Director of Administrative Services, provides administrative and financial services to help the department achieve effective results. The Division of Administrative Services includes the following units: Accounting; Purchasing & General Services; Budget and Finance; Questions and Answers About Service Charges; Reimbursements; Medicaid; and Current Bids.

  • Chapter 2 - Purchase of Service Contracting
    This chapter establishes the procurement system for purchasing certain departmental services.
  • Chapter 3 - Miscellaneous Rules
    This chapter contains Department of Mental Health policies and procedures for day-to-day operational activities including accessing and copying department records and fiscal management.
  • Chapter 4 - Vendor Procedures
    This chapter prescribes requirements for the collection of overpayments made by the department to providers and for the assessment of interest charges on overpayments.
  • Chapter 5 - Administration of Personal Spending Funds
    This chapter includes Guidelines for Planning Client Personal Spending Allowances.
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