The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services (as established in state statute) operate jointly as the Division of Behavioral Health. The Division of Behavioral Health develops certification standards for substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery support programs and for mental health treatment and rehabilitation programs in Missouri.

  • Chapter 2 - Standards for County-Funded Mental Health Services
    This chapter includes procedures to be used to designate programs eligible to receive county community mental health funds set out in Sections 205.975 - 205.990 RSMo.
  • Chapter 3 - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs
    This chapter includes certification standards for Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Programs; Comprehensive Substance Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs (CSTAR); Recovery Support Programs; Opioid Treatment Programs; Detoxification Programs; Gambling Disorder Treatment Programs; Institutional Corrections Treatment Programs; and Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Programs (SATOP).
  • Chapter 4 - Mental Health Programs
    This chapter includes certification standards for Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs (CPRP); Psychiatric Outpatient Programs; Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Programs; Assertive Community Treatment Programs; Intensive Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation; Psychosocial Rehabilitation; and Access Crisis Intervention Programs.
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