The Department of Mental Health is comprised of three divisions that serve more than 170,000 Missourians annually—Division of Behavioral Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities and the Division of Administrative Services. Staff of the Department and its array of service providers work each day to achieve the Department’s three principal missions:

  • The prevention of mental disorders, developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, and compulsive gambling;
  • The treatment, habilitation, and rehabilitation of Missourians who have those conditions; and,
  • The improvement of public understanding and attitudes about mental disorders, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.

The Department of Mental Health continually strives to improve its services and supports so all individuals served have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and live their lives as valued members of their communities. As part of Governor Greitens’ Executive Order issued in January 2017, the department is conducting a review of all rules published in the Code of State Regulations and welcomes your input. Your feedback is important and will assist us in accomplishing our mission. Thank you for your interest.

The Office of the Director, with the advice of the Mental Health Commission, is responsible for the overall operations of the Department of Mental Health and its three divisions: Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Administrative Services. The director's duties include planning, supervising, and evaluating the provision of mental health services for Missourians with mental disorders, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.

The Division of Administrative Services, headed by the department's Director of Administrative Services, provides administrative and financial services to help the department achieve effective results. The Division of Administrative Services includes the following units: Accounting; Purchasing & General Services; Budget and Finance; Questions and Answers About Service Charges; Reimbursements; Medicaid; and Current Bids.

The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services (as established in state statute) operate jointly as the Division of Behavioral Health. The Division of Behavioral Health develops certification standards for substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery support programs and for mental health treatment and rehabilitation programs in Missouri.

The Department of Mental Health’s Office of Licensure and Certification develops standards and oversees the licensure of day programs, community residential facilities, group homes, and private homes where individuals with developmental disabilities, substance use disorders and/or mental illness live and may receive services through the department.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DD) serves a population that has developmental disabilities such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, head injuries, autism, epilepsy, and certain learning disabilities. The Division's mission is to improve lives of Missourians with developmental disabilities through supports and services that foster self-determination.

The Division of Behavioral Health develops admission criteria for its programs and establishes guidelines for conditional release for individuals receiving services in Department of Mental Health facilities and private mental health programs certified by the Division of Behavioral Health.

Research involving any individual currently or previously served by the Department of Mental Health must be submitted to the Department for review and approval.

The Divisions of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services and Alcohol and Drug Abuse operate jointly as the Division of Behavioral Health. The Division is responsible for ensuring prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation services are available for individuals and families that need public mental health services throughout the State of Missouri.