Director's Creativity Showcase

The Missouri Mental Health Foundation and the Department of Mental Health (DMH) sponsor the annual Director’s Creativity Showcase. The event showcases the talents and abilities of people with mental health issues.

The Director’s Creativity Showcase gives monetary prizes to the top five artwork pieces judged in each of the three divisions and to the “best of show” in the professional category. The professional winner will receive $300, while the division winners will receive $250 for first place, $200 for second, $150 for third, $75 for fourth and $25 for fifth place.

The showcase helps to acquaint the public with the talents of the people it serves.  These are individuals with mental illnesses; developmental disabilities; or addictions to alcohol, other drugs, and gambling.  The artwork is created not only for the Showcase, but is sometimes used as a means of therapy.  This therapy provides an outlet for the artist to express his or her feelings­—feelings they may not be able to verbally communicate.  The art show also has encouraged people to try something they may previously have never considered possible, only to find they have a true creative talent.

For more information about the showcase please call the Missouri Mental Health Foundation at (573) 635-9201 or e-mail:, or