Volunteer Opportunities

Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center is a Department of Mental Health long term, psychiatric hospital for chronically mentally ill adults. We have 108 beds. A large percentage of our patients are forensic, meaning court committed. The majority of these are men.

Volunteer Services functions under the direction of the Activity Therapy Coordinator. It is a part of the Activity Therapy department, an adjunctive therapy department that includes the disciplines of chaplain services, library, music therapy, activity therapy, occupational therapy, education, work therapy, and transportation. Volunteer Services is housed in the former Superintendent’s House, at the front of the property.

The hospital’s mission is:

To provide high quality hospital treatment for Missouri residents with severe mental illness whose treatment and recovery are further complicated by legal issues and/or whose illness has been resistant to treatment. To assist and prepare patients for their re-entry into the community, while maintaining their individual safety and that of the general public.

The mission of Volunteer Services is:

To augment and extend existing clinical and administrative services through the use of volunteer manpower and resources and, as an adjunct, to promote a better understanding of mental health and facility services within the community.

Some of the areas a volunteer may serve in include the following:

Please note: Anyone volunteering at NMPRC must submit to finger prints and a Division of Family Services background check to be done through our Human Resources department. This is a requirement of our facility for the protection of our patients, staff and volunteers. Once this check is completed, a volunteer schedule is established and an identification badge is issued.

If you are interested in volunteering in our hospital, you may contact: Gail Current, Activity Therapy Coordinator Phone: (816) 387-2805 e-mail: gail.current@dmh.mo.gov. She will discuss with you the options of volunteer service available.

We all have gifts to share.Volunteering is a way to share those gifts with people in need.Please consider volunteering!