2008 Suicide Prevention Conference

The 2008 Suicide Prevention Conference was held in Jefferson City, MO on July 14th. The following links provide an archive of information shared at the conference.

Conference Brochure - Includes a conference schedule, descriptions of breakout sessions, etc.

Featured Presenters - Bios for the general session speakers.

Exhibitors - A list of organizations that provided information in the Resource Area, including links to their websites.

Conference Booklet


Iris Bolton - Suicide Prevention: A Sharing of Healing and Hope

James Clemons - Biblical and Religious Perspectives on Suicide

Laurie Davidson - Bridging Research and Practice in Suicide Prevention

Clark Flatt - presentation coming soon

Kristina Kersting - Technology and Youth Suicide

Lesley Levin - Creating a Caring Community

Ronda Reitz, Ph.D. - Understanding and Responding to Suicide in Our Communities (please contact Ronda at Ronda.Reitz@dmh.mo.gov for a copy of this presentation)

Madeline Swann, Ph.D. - Beyond the Front: An Interactive life preservation training video

Dr. Laine Young-Walker, M.D. - Practice Parameter for the Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Suicidal Behavior

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