Supportive Community Living Program

Decentralization Manual for Providers

Cover, Table of Contents

Background, Introduction, Protocol for Processing Referral

SCLP Face Sheet

SCLP Notice of Placement

Standard Means Test

Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgement/Application for SCLP Services

IM60-A, Medical Report Including Physician's Certification/Disability Evaluation

Authorization for Reimbursement of Interim Assistance

Referral and Placement of Eligible Client to Appropriate Housing Provider

DA 124A/B, Initial Assessment - Social and Medical

DA 124C, Level One Nursing Facility Pre-Admission Screening

Community Provider's Case Management Responsibilities/Contract Cancellation

SCLP Financial Change Request

Client Movement Report

Incident and Investigations Tracking System - Report Form

Notification by Residential Provider/iiTS Reporting/Supported Housing/Summary

Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 630

CSR 502, Department of Mental Health

Notice of Privacy Practices

Supportive Community Living Program - Regional Offices