Resources for Vocational Specialists

DB101 - Disability Benefits 101 gives you tools and information on health coverage, benefits, and employment. You can plan ahead and learn how work and benefits go together.

Work Incentives in the Back to Work Process

Thanks to Margaret Mertes-Knoff with CPRF in Wichita, KS, for sharing her wonderful Excel sheets listed below. Margaret developed these workbooks several years ago to share with benefits specialists. You should be able to use them when answering “what if” questions or tracking earnings. You can change the amount of hours, income, and taxes to give folks a snap shot of how their earnings impact benefits. They can also be easily updated with new Federal Benefit Rates for SSI (FBR), Substancial Gain Activity (SGA), Trial Work Period (TWP) amounts. Remember to look at the bottom margin of each document for tabs for additional workbooks.

Concurrent Benefits Analysis

Concurrent Benefit Chart

T2 Benefit Chart (SSA Benefit and Work Incentive Chart)

Title 16 Benefit Analysis

Title II Benefit Analysis

Title 16 Work Incentive Chart