Senior Managers

To contact any of the Managers below, please send an email to

Division Director

Mark Stringer, (573) 751-9499

Deputy Division Director

Steve Reeves, (573) 522-1475

Director of Administration

Laurie Epple, (573) 751-9478

Director of Psychiatric Facilities

Robert Reitz, Ph.D., (573) 751-9482

Director of Prevention and Mental Health Promotion

Angie Stuckenschneider, (573) 751-9105

Director of Community Treatment Services

Nora Bock, (573)751-8104

Director of Recovery Services

Rosie Anderson-Harper, (573)526-5890

Director of Children's Services

Connie Cahalan, (573) 526-8197

Director of Forensic Services

Rick Gowdy, Ph.D., (573) 751-9647