MO Health Net Pharmacy Partnership

The Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH), in collaboration with the Missouri Health Net Program, is offering the Missouri Mental Health ~ MO Health Net Pharmacy Partnership to evaluate the use of mental health medications and to offer education when opportunities exist to improve prescribing practices. The program, which is adjunctive to other efforts in the state, aims to reduce health-care costs to Health Net patients while improving quality of care.


The Partnership must:

Management Team

Joseph Parks, M.D.
George Oestreich, Pharm. D
Paul Stuve, PhD
Kellie Shuck, MSN, APRN, BC
Tim Swinfard, LPC
Rachelle Glavin
Debbie Meller



DMH Net Pharmacy Partnership Advisory Council
To Be Announced
At Department of Mental Health

Available Trainings:

For more information contact Kellie L Shuck at 573-230-1037