Division of Behavioral Health Employment Services

Many people served by the Division of Behavioral Health are capable of experiencing rewarding careers in competitive jobs.  Work provides financial benefits, a sense of purpose and often leads to the development of meaningful relationships. The opportunity to work should be open to everyone served by the Division, despite recent substance use, hospitalizations, clinical diagnosis or mental health symptoms. 

Individuals with mental illnesses, histories of substance abuse, and/or criminal backgrounds have strengths, talents and abilities that are frequently overlooked.  The Division seeks to integrate clinical and vocational supported employment services though state-wide partnerships with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, agencies providing employment programs, community mental health centers, ADA providers and state-operated facilities.  The goal is to help individuals who are interested in employment, participate in the competitive labor market, hired to do a job of their preference, with the appropriate level of professional help needed to be successful.

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