Housing Team

Missouri Housing Summit

The annual Missouri Housing Summit is typically a two-day conference held during the summer months and is sponsored and facilitated by the Missouri Department of Mental Health Housing Unit and the Community Initiatives staff of the Missouri Housing Development Commission. The Housing Summit is a hands-on series of workshops and discussions that is designed to help agencies seeking to connect with planning, development and management resources and knowledge needed to develop and operate bricks-and-mortar supportive housing for people with special needs and disabilities. The fourth Housing Summit was held in 2014 at the Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark.

2014 Missouri Housing Summit Presentations

Roundtable discussion at the 2014 Missouri Housing Summit

Who Should Attend

Housing developers, disability and mental health service providers, community development corporations (CDCs), community housing development organizations (CHDOs), and non-profits interested in developing supportive housing.


Registration information for the 2015 Missouri Housing Summit will be made available here.


The Missouri Housing Summit welcomes exhibitors and in the past has not charged for exhibitor space.

For further information about the Missouri Housing Summit, contact the DMH Housing Unit at 573-751-9206 or Melissa.rivers@dmh.mo.gov. Conference updates and information are posted at our Facebook page and Twitter feed, at https://twitter.com/@DMHHousing, as well as here.