Missouri Housing Institute

In place of a 2017 Housing Summit, the Missouri Department of Mental Health is partnering with the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the Missouri Foundation for Health, and the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City to sponsor the Missouri Housing Institute.

Teams working to develop permanent supportive housing in Missouri are invited to apply to attend the Institute, which will meet monthly in Jefferson City between March and June in 2017. Selected teams will work together to develop a supportive housing project for their community. Consideration will be given to both integrated housing (with up to 25% of the housing set aside for supportive housing) and 100% supportive housing developments. The Institute is based on the CSH Dimensions of Quality Supportive Housing, which strives to build the capacity of the supportive and affordable housing industries to create and operate high-quality, effective, and sustainable housing. Travel assistance to attend the Missouri Housing Institute will be available to teams selected to participate.

Some benefits of the Institute will be:

  • A detailed, individualized supportive housing plan that can be used to apply for funding from multiple sources;
  • The opportunity to apply for early pre-development financing for use on supportive housing projects planned through the Institute;
  • Improved skills to operate existing supportive housing and develop new projects serving people who experience multiple barriers to housing;
  • New and improved skills to operate integrated supportive housing;
  • A strong, effective development, property management, and service team that leverages the strengths of each team member; and
  • A powerful network of peers and experts to assist in project development and trouble-shooting problems.

Detailed information about the Missouri Housing Institute is available at the Institute's Request for Applications. Please review this information before filling out an Application.

Download the Missouri Housing Institute Application here.

For more information about this event, please email Melissa Demarest or Kathie Vida.

Missouri Housing Summit

The Missouri Housing Summit took place from 2011 to 2016 and was sponsored and facilitated by the Missouri Department of Mental Health Housing Unit and the Community Initiatives staff of the Missouri Housing Development Commission. The Housing Summit is a hands-on series of workshops and discussions that is designed to help agencies seeking to connect with planning, development and management resources and knowledge needed to develop and operate bricks-and-mortar supportive housing for people with special needs and disabilities.

Housing Summit Presentations

Click the links below to download PDF versions of presentations from the 2016 Housing Summit:

For further information about the Missouri Housing Summit, contact the DMH Housing Unit at 573-751-9206 or email Melissa Demarest. Conference updates and information are posted at our Facebook page and Twitter feed, at https://twitter.com/DMHHousing, as well as here.