The Department of Mental Health can provide housing assistance and housing resources to persons and families with disabilities and special needs.

DMH Housing Unit

The DMH Housing Unit coordinates both state and federal funds to provide direct rental assistance to individuals and families with mental illness, substance use disorders, developmental disabilities, and HIV/AIDS who are homeless or experiencing housing crisis. The DMH Housing Unit believes that housing is a key to helping Missourians with disabilities and their families attain self-determination and independent living.

Housing Unit Primary Programs

Shelter Plus Care
Federally funded permanent supportive housing through rental assistance for individuals and families with a disabled head of household who are homeless per HUD’s definition.
Rental Assistance Program (RAP)
State-funded housing assistance for individuals and families who are connected with DMH Behavioral Health support services (mental illness or substance use disorders). RAP can provide long-term transitional rental assistance for those in housing crisis as a bridge to permanent housing; and one-time assistance to prevent eviction, assist with move-in costs, or pay off rent or utilities in arrears.
Housing Development
Expert zero-cost technical assistance to agencies seeking to develop affordable and/or supportive housing for people with and without disabilities anywhere within the State of Missouri.


Division of Developmental Disabilities — Community Living and Accessible Housing

The housing mission of the Division of Developmental Disabilities is to develop quality, affordable, accessible housing for people with disabilities in safe locations where they can access support services, transportation, employment, and recreation throughout their lifespan. The Division of Developmental Disabilities believes there is an integral link between self-determination and housing, and strives to achieve that end through its team of Community Living Coordinators, partnerships with local stakeholders, and the use of accessible housing tools and resources.